Free Report Writer for the Reprise License Manager (RLM)

Track software usage, build pay-per-use licensing models


License Tracker Inc., a Reprise Software partner, has announced the availability of a free “Limited Edition” (LE) version of its leading license usage reporting tool for software vendors and their users.

This tool will allow Independent Software Vendors to

  • Build the foundation of a pay-per-use sales model
  • Improve customer satisfaction by helping users optimize their software license purchases


This tool will also allow your Software Users to:

  • Plan for expanded software license capacity
  • Optimize software maintenance costs
  • Ensure proper license usage
  • Administer fair departmental cost splitting and chargebacks
  • Enter into and monitoring usage-based software licensing agreements


In addition to supporting RLM’s open report log date format, the License Tracker product supports other popular licensing report log file formats.

The “Limited Edition” supports sites with 10 or fewer users, and 15 or fewer licensed products or features. The LE version can be converted into an unlimited evaluation version by obtaining a license key from License Tracker. You can download LE now.

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