HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH Licenses the Reprise License Manager (RLM)

Summary: Automotive and industrial customers have worldwide locations requiring a flexible and stable license manager. Innovative features like internet based activation, trial licenses and maintenance period management convinced HighTec that the Reprise License Manager was the proper fit.

RLM Customer Story:

Our product PXROS-HR is a real-time operating system for embedded targets with unique safety and security features.

The operating system manages the so-called memory protection unit (MPU) of a controller to encapsulate data, stack and communication between different processes.

Apart from PXOS-HR we offer customized version of GNU based compiler with integrated development environment in Eclipse.

Key features of PXROS-HR:

  • Integrated MPU management
  • No additional interrupt latencies
  • Tasks reloading and debugging capabilities
  • Unique safety and security functionality

Since our automotive and industrial customers have worldwide locations, we need a flexible and stable license manager. Innovative features like internet based activation and the excellent support of RLM convinced us that the integration of a license manager in our products would be simple and safe.

The Reprise License Manager gives us more flexibility in providing potential customers our tools with limited duration trial licenses. We also needed functionality to enforce our maintenance period and we now do this by the “version number” in the RLM license.

Help for RLM license administration

- view the RLM License Administration Manual here
- Visit our license administration help page here

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