Reprise’s RLM-EZ Licensing Kit is now Free

Update: July 2017:  RLM-EZ is no longer available.

Reprise Software’s RLM-EZ is an entry-level, easy-to-use software licensing kit that allows software developers to enforce a node-locked licensing model from within software applications. RLM-ez is aimed at developers who are trying to avoid writing a licensing system on their own, and who are looking for a reliable, low-cost software licensing option from a trusted, experienced vendor.

Software publishers integrate RLM-EZ into their products by calling a simple programming interface. RLM-EZ is not a wrapper. To “checkout” a license, you simply specify your product’s name and version. RLM-EZ either grants or denies the license request. If denied, the RLM-EZ API returns the reason why so you can take the appropriate steps in your product.

RLM-EZ includes a simple license generator for making text files containing simple yet secure, digitally-signed licenses.

RLM-EZ statically links to applications written in C or C++. RLM-EZ also supports .Net and Java, or any other languages that can call a DLL or shared library.


  • Secure licensing library linked into your applications, not a wrapper
  • Simple, easy to understand api
  • Supports applications written in C, C++, .Net and Java
  • Available on Windows 32bit, Windows 64bit, Linux 32bit, Linux 64bit, Mac 32bit, and Mac 64bit.


  • Node-locked licenses
  • Various HostID choices to lock licenses, including MAC address and disk ID
  • Pre-integrated dongles optionally available
  • Short text license file with digital signature
  • Public-key/Private-key security
  • Expiration dates, or permanent licenses
  • Product version numbers
  • n-Day Demo/Trial/ Evaluation licenses
  • Clock wind-back detection

RLM-EZ is now available free.  There are no annual fees, no royalties, and no per-license charges.

Please contact Reprise Sales for more information about RLM-EZ and how it compares to Reprise’s other licensing solutions, RLM, and RLM-Embedded.  Or get the kit here:


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