RLMCloud – Licensing-as-a-Service

Reprise Software offers licensing solutions for both node-locked and concurrent (floating) licenses. As you have read elsewhere on this blog, virtually every type of license is supported. This article presents a overview of RLMCloud, our Licensing-as-a-Service offering.

If you support concurrent (floating) licensing, Reprise offers both traditional on-premise license servers that your customers set up on their own networks, and license servers in the RLMCloud.

RLMCloud is an easy-to-use solution for hosting your product licenses on standard RLM license servers in the Cloud. Reprise’s Cloud licensing solution is turnkey, and 100% hosted by Reprise Software, Inc. It is administered through your browser. Your customers use your products without installing license servers on their own networks.  Their floating licenses are in the Cloud instead.

Best of all, RLM supports both Cloud-based license servers and on-premise license servers. For example, you can simultaneously support large enterprise customers who insist on on-premises license servers and smaller customers who would value the convenience of a Cloud-based license server.  RLM supports this within the same version of your application with no code changes.

Address the Challenges of on-premise Software Licensing

RLMCloud solves some of the more challenging issues with on-premises license servers, such as:

  • no longer need to ask your customer for the license server hostid
  • no more license server set-up/maintenance required by end customer
  • eliminate hostid spoofing
  • virtual machine cloning is no longer an issue
  • license server rehosting is no longer an issue
  • instantly disable licenses for non-payment, or for lapsed subscription
  • upgrade/downgrade licenses without special “replace” or “upgrade” licenses
  • enable secure pay-per-use payment models using RLM report log
  • set up automatic failover server support

Support for mobile platforms

If your software runs on a mobile platform, or you write applications in programming languages that are not directly supported, then the new RLM Web Services API with RLM Activation Pro offers further benefits:
– uses standard https, no firewall issues
– supports many additional development platforms, including iOS and Android
– supports many additional development languages, such as Java, Delphi, Python, etc.
For more information on RLMCloud, Licensing-as-a-Service, or Activation Pro, please contact [email protected] for a live demo.

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