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This section contains discussions of how to manage your licenses with RLM and how to troubleshoot common licensing problems.

RLM Heartbeats

RLM Heartbeats

Heartbeats are messages sent from a licensed application to the license server while the application has one or more licenses checked out from the server. The license server acknowledges the receipt of each heartbeat by sending a message back to the application. In this way, each side can know that the other side is up, running, and healthy, or take appropriate action if the other side is not healthy.

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JTB World adds RLM support

JTB World adds RLM support to its Usage Reporting Tools

Reprise Software is pleased to announce that JTB World has added support for RLM into its suite of license usage reporting tools.

These tools can be used by you or by your customers to monitor historical usage for departmental charge backs or usage-based pricing models.

You can find out more here:

Please contact JTB World directly for more information.