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Various topics pertaining to the technology of license management, both internal to license managers and the use of license managers in software products.

Virtual License Pools

An important but easily overlooked aspect of a software license management system should be its support for and use of multiple license servers. The customers of software applications typically have more than one server machine on which to deploy license servers.

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Licensing and Pricing Strategies for “Short Duration” Applications

Many valuable software tools that require floating licensing run for only a short time. These include various solvers, development and design tools, and other specialty software products that are designed to perform very specific tasks very quickly. Unlike typical interactive or desktop applications, these short-burst applications typically do not have a GUI of there own, but are often launched by other applications within a product suite.

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Software “Test Drives” – Best Licensing Practices

Of the many advantages to using a license manager, the easy creation of eval/trial/demo versions of your packaged software is arguably one of the most powerful. Using an electronic license with an expiration date, and possibly a "demo" flag, makes your product accessible to would-be buyers. Since electronic licenses can also be easily turned into full, "purchased" licenses, a trial version of your product is the logical first step in a successful sales process.

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License Portability

Not for Everybody, but Dongles Provide License Portability

The overall reputation of dongles "took it on the chin" in past decades. Dongles were perceived to be inconvenient, clumsy, unreliable and expensive. Not so fast! The dongle is seeing a rebirth. Late model USB dongles are both reliable and inexpensive. Through it all, dongles remain extremely popular in some market segments including applications that are deployed in laboratory, testing, and remote "in the field" locations.

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Licensing on Virtual Machines

Virtual Machine (VM) software has been a major factor in increasing computer utilization and efficiency. VM software allows users to segment a computer into multiple "virtual" systems, each with its own copy of an operating system each acting fully independently from the others. For software vendors, this "machine replication" can be a problem, one that can make profits become "virtual" too.

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