Choosing a Software Vendor-Why Experience Matters

Choosing a Software Vendor

Software licensing is one of those product categories that on the surface appears to be pretty simple and straightforward. For the most part, it is. But as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. While it may appear that you just need to create a library that will verify some data, there’s actually a lot more to it. You have to add calls to that library in your code, create a mechanism for encoding licensing data to be read by that library and some basic client-server communications for counting the usage at the end user’s site.

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Software Licensing Best Practices - Software License Entitlements

Software Licensing Best Practices-Part 4

For software vendors, the most valuable aspect of using a license manager is the freedom to define exactly how your customers buy and use your software products. You can match the attributes of your licenses to the precise needs of your customers and markets. Equally valuable is the ability to address unusual opportunity-specific requirements from your biggest and most important customers or new technology partners.

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Software Licensing Best Practices-Part 2-Software Test Drives showing image of open software box with abstract technology background

Software Licensing Best Practices-Part 2

The ability to easily create eval/trial/demo versions of your packaged software is arguably one of the most powerful advantages to using a license manager. Using an electronic license with an expiration date, and possibly a demo flag, makes your product accessible to would-be buyers. Since electronic licenses can also be easily turned into full, purchased licenses, a trial version of your product is the logical first step in a successful sales process.

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