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About You and License Management

You develop best-of-breed software products. Your expertise is not license management software. So you turn to the License Management professionals for a robust Software Licensing solution.

You have never used license management

If you don't use a software license manager, then you are stuck in a "one-license-fits-all" sales model, which makes you unable to offer different license rights in different situations to your customers. License management increases your revenues by allowing you to deliver licenses that better match your customer's needs.

Most companies can benefit from the ability to offer floating (concurrent) licenses to their customers. But the real win is that you can tailor the license rights to the customer situation - if a node-locked license is appropriate, sell that; if floating licenses is more appropriate, then sell that. All license decisions are made at the time of sale, without code changes.

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You use an in-house license manager

If you wrote your own license manager, you know how simple software licensing seemed before you started, and how much work it is to continue to add new features, support new platforms, and keep up with your marketing department's wishes.

Why not let the experts at Reprise take care of these tasks for you, so you can concentrate on enhancing your own product? We can do this for a fraction of what you spend today maintaining your in-house software licensing solution, and you will have a supported industry-standard solution which is used by over 400 software companies just like yours.

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You use a commercial license manager

Has your current license management vendor forgotten that maintenance means more than just collecting fees from your company? Do you feel like every time you ask for a new platform you are buying the product again? Do you have a hard time getting bugs fixed? Does your license manager seem clunky and old?

If the answer to any of these is "yes", perhaps it's time that you step up to the newest enterprise-class license manager from the most experienced team in the license management business. And don't be afraid to switch - about 40% of our customers have done just that, and they're happy they did. The sooner you switch, the sooner it gets better. Reprise can help you with your transition strategy.

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