Runtime Design Automation Licenses the Reprise License Manager (RLM)

Summary: Reprise Software is pleased to announce that a leading company in the Electronic Design Automation industry, Runtime Design Automation, has adopted Reprise Software’s Reprise License Manager (RLM) for its Flowtracer software product line. Runtime Design Automation will use RLM to enable license models that will allow it to package and price its software in ways that its customers prefer.

Available since May, 2006, the Reprise License Manager TM (RLM) offers innovative license models and policies to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) while better addressing the needs of enterprise software end-users. Although RLM resembles popular licensing systems in architecture and administration, its advantages are apparent in its simplicity, performance and value; three under-served areas in the marketplace today.

Runtime Design Automation president Andrea Casotto said, “For Runtime Design Automation, Reprise offers the right combination of license management features, value and vendor responsiveness. Since license monitoring is a key advantage of our Flowtracer/LM product, we needed to use license management technology from a vendor that would give us the hooks we need to ensure our customers can use our product successfully. Additionally, as adoption of RLM continues to grow, our customers will benefit by having more tools available to them under the control of Flowtracer /NC.”

“We are happy that Runtime Design Automation selected Reprise as their license management vendor and welcome them to our growing list of customers,” said Matt Christiano, Reprise Software’s founder and president. “I’m confident that this decision by Runtime Design Automation will be the foundation of great success for both companies, especially as end users see the advantage of running applications licensed by RLM under the event-driven scheduling of Flowtracer/NC. It’s hard to think of a better spotlight for both our technologies.”

RLM supports a core set of license types with license policy removed from the software and placed into the license key – in order to make integration and support easier for Independent Software Vendors, and to make the meaning of the license more transparent to the end-user community. Perhaps most important to end users, Reprise Software is committed to fully documenting the usage data format and partnering with third party report writer vendors to support it in order to expand the available sources of end user reporting tools.

About Runtime Design Automation

Runtime Design Automation (Santa Clara, California) develops and markets workflow and workload management technology and products to optimize the efficient use of hardware and software computing resources.   The company is privately held. Telephone: 408-492-0940.   Website:

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