Keeneo Licenses the Reprise License Manager (RLM)

Summary: Keeneo selected the Reprise License Manager (RLM) based on its breadth of the license models and Reprise Software’s pricing flexibility.

Reprise Software is pleased to announce that Keeneo SAS, the leading company in 4D Intelligent Video Surveillance, has adopted Reprise Software’s Reprise License Manager (RLM) for its IVS product line. Keeneo will use RLM to enable flexible secure license models that will allow it to package and price its software to match its customers’ preferences.

First available in May, 2006, the Reprise License Manager TM (RLM) offers innovative license models and policies to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) while better addressing the needs of enterprise software end-users. Although RLM resembles popular licensing systems in architecture and administration, its advantages are apparent in its simplicity, performance and value; three under-served areas in the marketplace today.

Keeneo’s Managing Director, Thomas Herlin said,”Our products need to be configured differently for each client installation. The Reprise License Manager allows us to vary the size and scope of our license models for each customer by simply modifying the license keys specific for each one. Our products have a main kernel plus optional modules that may be licensed separately. With RLM we can handle custom licensing scenarios with ease. Also, as a recent start-up company ourselves, we appreciate Reprise’s flexible pricing model as well.”

“We are happy that Keeneo has selected the Reprise License Manager as its license management solution,” said Matt Christiano, Reprise Software’s Founder and President. “Innovative companies, like Keeneo, have unique licensing requirements because of the nature of their product mix. RLM was specifically designed to make it easy for software developers to integrate licensing into their products and to control licensing policy without further code changes to those products.”

RLM supports a core set of license types with license policy removed from the software and placed into the license key – in order to make integration and support easier for Independent Software Vendors, and to make the meaning of the license more transparent to the end-user community. Perhaps most important to end users, Reprise Software is committed to fully documenting the usage data format and partnering with third party report writer vendors to support it in order to expand the available sources of end user reporting tools.

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