T-Splines Licenses the Reprise License Manager (RLM)

Summary: T-Splines switched from FLEXlm to RLM to support node-locked, floating and demo/trial licenses. “It just works.”


When T-Splines, Inc.’s Matt Sederberg decided to switch from FLEXlm, Reprise Software and RLM were a natural fit.  “RLM’s price certainly made sense to us, and we’ve been pretty impressed with their responsiveness in handling technical issues.”

T-Splines makes a 3D modeling plug-in to the Autodesk Maya 3D modeling, animation, effects and rendering solution.  Their specialized software is used by animators, industrial designers, computer game developers, and architects to create detailed, intricate 3D models.

The license models that T-Splines uses are pretty standard; “node locking” individual copies to a customer’s machine, or using floating licensing for limiting use across a customer network.  They also use RLM to put expiring licenses in beta products, thus ensuring that those copies get upgraded when the released version is shipped.

“A nice thing we found with RLM is that it’s lower-profile and so doesn’t have the same attention in the hacker community.  It’s the ‘Macintosh’ of licensing software (in that it seems to draw less attention from hackers/bugs)” said Matt Sederberg, “besides, we don’t have to worry about RLM very often.”  In other words, it just works. A better compliment from a customer would be hard to find.

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