Vico Software, Inc. Licenses the Reprise License Manager (RLM)

Summary: Vico Software found that RLM provided the needed functionality to replace its older dongle-based licensing solution. RLM’s “roaming license” capability served the needs of Vico Software’s mobile construction industry customer base.

RLM Customer Story:

Vico Software, a Reprise License Manager (RLM) customer since September 2006, develops and sells software solutions for the construction industry, a market that has been known for its sub-optimum use of materials, low efficiency, and late and over-budget projects.

Vico Software’s business is focused on trying to make the construction industry more efficient through the integration of design, construction and management processes, thus improving project predictability; providing early identification of constructability problems; and synchronizing design, costs and schedules. With over two hundred customers and more than one hundred and fifty projects completed, Vico Software has a proven track record of delivering results towards these objectives in several international markets, primarily in the US, UK, Nordic (mostly Finland) and the Middle East.

Before adopting RLM, Vico Software used dongles (hardware keys) to license its products.  Although dongles served their needs well for several years, the advanced licensing demands of their customers (especially those from their largest and best customers) began to surpass the dongle’s ability to support them. So, Vico Software began to look for a replacement licensing technology that provided a more flexible software licensing platform without the use of dongles.

After a comprehensive evaluation process, Vico Software selected the Reprise License Manager. In addition to the advanced technology within RLM, including license roaming (a critical feature for Vico’s marketplace), what impressed Vico was Reprise Software’s quick support turnaround time and its responsiveness to requests for additional features.

Vico Software sells both dedicated (standalone) and floating licenses with a perpetual and/or subscription pricing model.

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