Runge Licenses the Reprise License Manager (RLM)

Summary: Reprise Software Inc., the fastest-growing company in the software license management industry, today announces the licensing of its flagship Reprise License Manager (RLM) by The Runge Group, a global mining technology company providing mine planning software and specialist consulting services. Runge will use RLM in its Mining Dynamics, XPAC, Talpac, XERAS and related mine management software solutions.

Now nearing its fourth major release, the Reprise License Manager TM (RLM) offers innovative license models and policies to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), allowing them to maximize customer satisfaction as well as revenues. The needs of Enterprise software end-users are also addressed, as RLM provides numerous options for maximizing license availability and ease of configuration and reporting all without additional costly administration tools.

Runge CTO Scott Henderson said, “After a detailed review of offerings in the marketplace and extensive evaluation of RLM, we’re re pleased to be able to offer our end users the greater flexibility available through the use of RLM for license management.”

Matt Christiano, Reprise Software’s founder and president said,”We welcome Runge to the growing list of software vendors adopting RLM for license management. Runge’s use of RLM highlights RLM’s broad applicability to increase both customer satisfaction and software vendor revenues across many industries.”

RLM helps increase end user customer satisfaction and software vendor revenues through the use of easy-to-implement, flexible license terms automatically included with software shipped to end users. Software vendors specify the license terms given to customers by describing them in an easily-read text certificate protected by a digital signature. Over time, end users’ rights can evolve from an initial demo/eval to a purchase of perpetual or time-limited rights, followed by new releases, additional “seats” or copies as well as optional add-on features. In the forthcoming newest release of RLM, an innovative license model allowing use of software only by a select list of named users can be easily implemented. This kind of innovative thinking is among the many characteristics that set RLM apart from older, legacy license managers.

About The Runge Group

The Runge Group is a leader in the provision of technology and services to the global mining industry. The company leads its industry with mine planning, equipment optimisation and financial analysis software solutions. Its consulting expertise streamlines client operations from resource management to mine closure.

The Runge group operations 17 offices around the world and includes MRM Mining Services in South Africa, Minarco-MineConsult in Sydney, Jakarta and Beijing, GeoGAS in Wollongong in Australia and Pincock Allen & Holt in the USA.

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