3 Engineers LLC Licenses the Reprise License Manager (RLM)

Summary: RLM’s attractive prices and the Reprise management team’s¬†experience¬†won over startup 3Engineers. Flexible license policies can match the ones of future CAD/CAM platforms.

RLM Customer Story:

Xpresso is speech-recognition software for SolidWorks, a 3D solid-modeling CAD package. Xpresso allows designers to simply say commands, eliminating actions that do not add value. Using Xpresso reduces hand movement and augments the use of additional navigation devices, streamlining the design process and making it up to 15 percent more efficient.

Our license manager selection process was driven by the need to contain expenses as a startup and to find a solution that would not become a distraction from our product development efforts. We recognized that the Reprise team had the necessary elements for stability and success, and that RLM was adopted by other vendors in the CAD/CAM market. Ultimately we selected RLM because of their responsive support, pricing that made sense, and the relative ease of incorporating it into our product.

Xpresso uses single-seat “node locking” licenses that compliment the SolidWorks licensing strategy. In addition to per-year release licenses, limited duration trial licenses ensure that potential customers can get a “shot” of Xpresso.

Having the flexibility to provide more than just node-locked licensing ensures that as we expand to provide speech recognition capabilities to additional CAD/CAM platforms we can complement their licensing strategy. RLM’s interfaces are simple and clean; the cross-platform solution is stable; and their pricing strategy from market entry through revenue generating is attractive and compelling.

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