Cortona3D Licenses the Reprise License Manager (RLM)


Summary: RLM provides enough flexibility to adapt to continually evolving licensing ideas. Reprise also successfully supports Cortona’s evaluation software program with a “no-touch” license model, in which downloads are activated over the internet to encourage later sales.

RLM Customer Story:

Prepared by Vee Baker, Cortona3D

Cortona3D software assists equipment manufacturers to efficiently and cost effectively deliver customer focused technical publications that guide users through the support, maintenance and training of their products. Headquartered in Dublin, Cortona3D sells worldwide through a network of specialist resellers who consult, advise and support customers through the product selection process and their successful implementation through the application of industry best practices,

The Rapid family of tools has specific packages to generate manuals, interactive parts catalogs and learning materials such as computer based training. Traditional technical publications processes involve the re-creation of engineering data by either re-drawing or taking ‘snapshots’ of the data. With Rapid tools users establish a direct connection to the changing engineering data design – so updates are captured automatically ensuring consistency with latest designs, and as there is no re-drawing errors are significantly reduced. Elimination both these practices significantly decreases the time taken to create the materials – speeding the product time to market and reducing costs.

Cortona3D have been using Reprise Software licensing for over 3 years now, and were one of its early adopters. Initial selection was made on the basis of the technical ability of the package, but the costing model was also very competitive. The tool provides flexibility as our licensing ideas are continually evolving, currently node-locked and site-wide versions of the tools are available. Reprise also easily delivers changes for customers – adding incremental licenses after the initial purchase, upgrading from locked to site-wide, migrating locked licenses from machine to machine, etc.

Reprise also successfully supports our evaluation software program. Cortona3D offers limited capability evaluation copies of our Rapid tools direct from In order to offer this without license management overhead a no-touch license model was essential, so these evaluation version downloads are activated over the internet as are the product sales.

Cortona3D remains committed to licensing with Reprise Software as it offers a flexible, cost effective, easily manageable solution for both us and our customers.

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