GenArts Replaces FLEXlm with the Reprise License Manager (RLM)

GenArts, Inc. is the premier provider of specialized visual effects software for the film, broadcast and video industries.

In 2008, GenArts began looking for a replacement for FLEXlm after using it for over ten years. GenArts was motivated by the need for software license management on an expanding set of development platforms, while reducing licensing and support costs which had increased steadily with little to no product improvement. The company wanted to make a long term commitment to its new licensing vendor, so reasonable business terms, accurate and timely technical support, and a passion for the software licensing category and licensing technology was important.

GenArts’ review of potential replacement products was comprehensive, fully testing four to five “serious” license managers before RLM was selected.

After selecting RLM, GenArts hoped that its customers would accept the change in licensing technology without reservation, principally based on RLM’s simplicity and its familiar architecture and ease of operation. GenArts found that even at its largest customers floating RLM licenses were well accepted. “Like most end users, GenArts’ customers don’t want to know about licensing, they just want their software to work”, said Gary Oberbrunner, Chief Scientist and VP of Engineering at GenArts. “IT departments are really the ones who care. With RLM, especially RLM v8, our tech support reps can more easily debug our customers’ licensing problems and keep them running more smoothly.”

About GenArts:
The GenArts visual effects product portfolio includes Sapphire, Monsters, Raptors, Tinder, particleIllusion and particleIllusion for After Effects.  Today the company has over 27,000 customers– ranging from major studios such as Disney and Lucasfilm, to premiere post-production houses such as Framestore and The Mill, to television networks such as ABC, BBC and ESPN, to freelance artists and editors around the world. GenArts’ solutions have been used extensively to create an array of amazing effects for countless television shows, commercials, music videos and feature films and have the key distinction of having been a key component of an Academy Award nominated film for the past 13 consecutive years.

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