Windows ISV server fails to start or shuts down after starting

On Windows, RLM sometimes fails to start the ISV server with a select(), getsockname() or “communications (socket) problems” error.  This is a very uncommon problem, but the simple fix described below will correct it.

Reprise has had reports on a very limited number of systems that RLM fails to start the ISV server, with errors similar to the following written to the debug log (note: the ISV name will be your ISV name, not “demo”):

03/16 04:12 (demo) select() failure: Unknown error
03/16 04:12 (demo) Out of file descriptors: Cannot clone communications handle: Unknown error0
3/16 04:12 (demo) Too many errors on main socket, exiting

This error sometimes results in debug log output similar to the following:

01/06 10:11 (rlm) Starting ISV demo
01/06 10:11 (rlm) Error in getsockname() call 13
01/06 10:11 (rlm) … demo on port 57809
01/06 10:11 (rlm) New thread created to watch ISV demo
01/06 10:11 (rlm) demo initialization error: 1, not restarting

Or the following:

01/05 12:50 (rlm) Starting ISV servers:
01/05 12:50 (rlm) … demo on port 1088
01/05 12:50 (rlm) New thread created to watch ISV demo
01/05 12:50 (rlm) demo – communication (socket) problems

This problem is caused by a registry corruption (not induced by RLM) that affects some network operations. The fix is to open a command window and type the command:

$ netsh winsock reset

Should the above “netsh” command not solve the problem, Microsoft has published the following article on how to correct the registry when this occurs. Note that the error message indicating the problem is different in the article than the RLM error message indicating the problem, but the underlying cause is the same.;en-us;817571


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