LMS International selects RLM

LMS International selects RLM

Summary: After an extensive comparison with other commercial license manager solutions on the market, LMS International selects RLM from Reprise. Following a successful trial period, which allowed LMS to also validate the technical support of Reprise, the vast majority of the LMS customer base has already migrated to RLM. Customer feedback is very positive.

LMS switches to RLM:
In 2012, LMS compared several commercial license manager solutions to transition the entire LMS product portfolio from their previous licensing technology to a new solution. Multiple technical and commercial criteria were tested and validated, such as the ability to deal with counted and uncounted node-locked licenses, floating licenses, roaming or borrowed license tokens, dongle support, reporting capabilities, broad multi-platform availability, developer documentation, end-user friendliness and transparency, etc. Reprise’s RLM product clearly stood out, offering the best-of-class solution for providing the enterprise license management required by LMS. Following a successful trial period, which allowed LMS to assess the technical support capabilities of Reprise, the decision was made to gradually migrate the entire LMS product portfolio to RLM.

The vast majority of the LMS customer base has been migrated to RLM, and customer feedback is very positive. Compared to the previous license management solution used by LMS, RLM clearly provides more flexibility, an easier setup of license servers, better configuration options, very good built-in diagnostics, and good usage reporting. Customers are especially pleased by the ability of LMS to now also offer roaming options for tokens (“disconnected license transfer”). The LMS software development team has been particularly impressed by the outstanding support and technical skills of the Reprise team, and by their overall eagerness and responsiveness to satisfy the LMS requirements.

Based on the successes with RLM, LMS will continue to use RLM for the license management of their product portfolio, and will further accelerate the migration of their customer base to RLM.

About LMS International:
LMS is a leading provider of test and mechatronic simulation software and engineering services in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries. As a business segment within Siemens PLM, LMS provides a unique portfolio of products and services for manufacturing companies to manage the complexities of tomorrow’s product development by incorporating model-based mechatronic simulation and advanced testing in the product development process. With multi-domain and mechatronic simulation solutions, LMS addresses the complex engineering challenges associated with intelligent system design and model-based systems engineering. Thanks to our technology and over 1250 dedicated people, LMS has become the partner of choice of more than 5,000 manufacturing companies worldwide. LMS operates in over 30 key locations around the world and is a worldwide leader in engineering innovation with mechatronic simulation software, testing systems and engineering services.

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