NodeLocked License

The simplest of all license models – the NodeLocked License.

A nodelocked license is a license grant which allows the software to be used on a particular computer, and on that computer only. Typically, this license is uncounted, meaning that if the software is running on the specified computer, any number of instances are allowed to execute.  

A nodelocked license is typically used when you, as the software publisher, simply want to ensure that your software runs on a particular computer and that computer only.  This is a license manager’s closest license model to copy protection.  

Nodelocked licenses are the license model used by most companies when they start using a license manager, before they move on to supplying both node-locked licenses as well as floating licenses.  Having several license models in your price book allows you, as a publisher, to price differently depending on your customer’s situation, which allows you to capture the optimal amount of revenue for a particular customer.   For example, if your software sells for $500 for a nodelocked license, it is quite typical to offer a floating license for the same package for anywhere between $750 and $2000, depending on how  your software is used.  The added convenience and utilization of the floating license is attractive to your customers, justifying the higher price – your customer gets more value and you increase revenue.

To implement nodelocked, uncounted licenses in RLM, set the count field of the license to “uncounted” or “0”, and specify the hostid of the computer in the actual license. Typically, nodelocked uncounted licenses do not require a license server, so they are very simple to deploy.  

Next time:  nodelocked, counted licenses.

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