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Which RLM Edition is Best?

Two Editions of Reprise Software Licensing Toolkits: Which is Best for You?

Reprise Software now offers two licensing toolkit editions addressing the software licensing needs of cost-conscious ISVs. This article compares the two editions to help you decide which one suits your needs the best.

The choices are RLM and RLM-Embedded. Each edition is a complete solution with tools for integrating license enforcement into your applications, and for generating licenses to enable them. They both are based on a common set of licensing APIs. So, how do they compare?


Reprise Software’s flagship product is RLM. It contains all of the bells and whistles that users have come to expect from the best in enterprise class software license management. RLM was designed by the same team that brought you FLEXlm, so in a sense RLM is the next generation of software licensing solutions. RLM is used by hundreds of independent software vendors who deliver millions of licenses to users, worldwide.

RLM supports a wide array of software licensing models including floating or concurrent user, named user, and many others. It includes the RLM License Server that supports a full built-in admin interface. The RLM License Server produces reports logs that are easy to parse into usage and billing reports using 3rd party tools, or tools that you write using the well-documented, open report log format specification. Reprise Software’s Activation Pro product supports Internet activation for RLM licenses.

First introduced in May of 2006, RLM supports the widest selection of platforms.


RLM-Embedded is a toolkit that supports node-locked licenses only, but with a rich API to support an unlimited number of products, and optional Internet activation via Activation Pro. RLM-Embedded uses the very same API as RLM, so if you upgrade to RLM, then you need to make no source code changes.

As you would expect, RLM-Embedded is offered at a much lower price point that the full RLM product. In addition to supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac, RLM-Embedded supports some Unix platforms as well.

RLM-Embedded was first released in September 2009.

Please contact the Reprise Software Sales Team for more information and detailed pricing.

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