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RLM Personal Edition – The “Anywhere” License

Today Reprise Software announced a new way for software publishers to license their products. It’s called RLM Personal Edition (RLMpe).

In response to customer demand, we say goodbye dongles. Goodbye on-premises license servers. Goodbye license activation. Goodbye machine IDs. Goodbye license re-hosting.

RLMpe assigns floating licenses to your customers by their username (or email address) and password. Anywhere you support your products, your customers can get a license. RLMpe makes sure that only one copy of the license is in use for that user at any time.

The license is assigned to the user, not the device, allowing him/her to use your software on every platform that you support.

You can assign custom options to each user license.

RLMpe uses standard HTTPS to authenticate the user’s license over the Internet, meaning no ports to open through firewalls and no involvement by IT departments.

RLMpe uses a new, simpler API with just 5 calls: checkout(), checkin(), heartbeat(), stat(), and error().

Perhaps best of all, RLM Personal Edition pricing is based on the number of licenses that you deploy, starting at $149/year for up to 50 personal user licenses. There are no per-platform fees or fees based on annual revenue. Even the Cloud hosting fee and annual support fees are included. This new pricing model is attractive to small companies and to small development groups within larger enterprises.

Although RLMpe is both simple and inexpensive, it is built using the same trusted enterprise-class software developed by Reprise Software’s decades of experience.

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