RLM Teams – Licensing Unleashed

Announcing a new Reprise Software product, RLM Teams.

Over the past year or two, we have talked with many software vendors who are interested in a lightweight licensing solution based on user identity, not based on locking to machines, doing away with traditional licenses and activation keys. Some of the same companies have asked for a more collaborative approach to licensing that would give more power to users to allocate licenses to their team members. So, we have developed a new product in response to these trends called RLM Teams.

RLM Teams is a easy-to-use user-based licensing portal for individuals and groups working together. Built on industry standards, RLM Teams complements the flagship Reprise License Manager product by providing you with an account-based entitlement fulfillment portal in the Cloud, giving your customers secure access 24x7x365, without requiring you to deliver licenses or activation keys.

Here’s how it works:

With RLM Teams, you provision a number of product entitlements to each customer who can then either fulfill them on their own computers, or transfer them to colleagues. When a user wants to fulfill a license, he logs into RLM Teams. Then, when he runs your application for the first time, a license is “soft-locked” (cached) to his computer for as long as you want. The license can be easily moved by the user later.

RLM Teams accounts are either “admin” users or “regular” users. Regular users can fulfill licenses for themselves, or transfer their license entitlements to someone else on the system. After transferring, they can later “reclaim” the entitlements for themselves. “Admin” users have the additional privilege of managing user accounts.

RLM Teams Features:
– Cloud-based 24×7 access
– Identity-based licensing, no permanent hardware locking
– Disconnected operation for increased speed and mobility
– No license keys or activation codes to deliver and manage
– No extra licensing components to install (just install your software)

RLM Teams Benefits:
– Always-on
– Simple “follow-the-user” soft-lock licensing
– Enable collaboration – users allocate licenses for group projects, including to outside contractors
– Once licensed, users may operate disconnected for as long as you want
– Works with standard RLM kit (14.2 or later) – once integrated, you can use RLM Teams, RLMCloud, on-premises license servers, or local node-locked licenses – without changing your code

How is RLM Teams different from Activation Pro?

With Activation Pro, you create activation keys which are later redeemed for a license. The license gets tied to the user’s physical machine and is stored there. The license is tied to the machine until it is revoked or expires. Your application must be programmed to allow the license to be revoked then reactivated elsewhere.

With RLM Teams, users have accounts on the RLM Teams portal. They log in to fulfill their licenses. As the vendor, you get to decide how long the resulting license can be used before it must be refreshed. If a user wants to move his license to a different machine, he logs into RLM Teams from the new machine, deletes the prior fulfillment, and fulfills it again.

Please contact Reprise Software for more information.