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RLM Roaming Failures on Windows

Sometimes RLM Roaming won’t work on a Windows system.

When this happens, you see something like the popup displayed here:
RLM Roaming: roam data write error
This often happens when for some reason the client is unable to write the roam data file associated with a roaming license. The file is created in ProgramData\Reprise (Docs and Settings\All Users\App Data\Reprise on older systems). The most likely possibility is that the Reprise directory was created with insufficient privilege for the account you’re using to create files in it.This would happen if the first user account on the system to run an RLM license server, roam a license, or create a rehostable hostid was an admin account AND the RLM version was pre-v9.4. So you should check the permissions on that directory (and files), and set them so that the user is able to write the file.