What’s New in RLM 15.2

  • The RLM web interface can now be configured to use HTTPS. See “Enabling HTTPS in the RLM Web Server for more information.

  • The RLM web server now requires login to access.

  • Running RLM as root/administrator is no longer restricted.

  • Passwords are now case-sensitive.

  • Added support for ISV_LICENSE (uppercase) in addition to isv_LICENSE in case-sensitive file systems.

  • Removed option to edit any server files using ‘Edit License File’.


The rlm.pw file will need to be regenerated after updating.

Platform changes

  • Windows 11 support added.

  • Server 22 support added.

Problems fixed in this release

  • Warning no longer presented to user when C:ProgramDataRepriseisvnamedoesn’t exist.

  • License path no longer includes temporary directory if the temporary directory does not exist.

  • rlm_stat() no longer returns an error if the C:ProgramDataRepriseisvname folder is missing.

  • Temporary licenses are now correctly created with version number equal to “parent” license.

  • Using unicode in company names no longer causes issues with portal users on RLM Cloud.

  • Server usage on the RLM Cloud customer portal now loads additional pages correctly.

  • log.php no longer fails to downloads report logs.

  • ISVs are now able to disable certificate revocation in RLM Cloud.

Activation changes

  • No changes to Activation Pro.

Dependency changes

  • No dependency changes.