RLM Issues Affecting Software Publishers (Pre v8.0)

This is a list of RLM issues fixed prior to v8.0.
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P168 - Some product names cause rlm_detached_demo() to fail
P167 - Obsolete license pools can have incorrect inuse count
P166 - On Mac/OS, rlm thread synchronization does not work
P165 - roamed licenses don't expire on Windows
P164- Error adding GROUP to named user list on Windows
P163 - DEBUGLOG failure with "+" outside quotes
P162 - End-user MAX specifications work incorrectly
p161 - end-user MAX with a GROUP causes server crash
P160 - complete UPGRADEs sometimes lose licenses
P159 - license transfer destination server crashes
P158 - token-based licenses with hold= cause failures
P157 - Older ISV server settings files don't work on 7.0BL3
P156 - rlm web interface sometimes displays "bad" characters
P155 - RLM sometimes fails to start ISV server on Windows
P154 - ISV server fails on reread after license replaced
P153 - Activation fails with long attribute strings
P152 - roamed licenses become unusable after license upgrade
P151 - end-user IP-based options fail on loopback address
P150 - roamed licenses sometimes fail on Mac systems
P149 - ISV server hangs on reread with missing licenses
P148 - ISV-defined hostid is case-sensitive (sometimes)
P147 - ISV server running as service doesn't read ISV.opt
P146 - activation server hangs on IIS with HTML forms
P145 - ISV server paths > 128 characters fail
P144 - generic server fails if ISV's RLM license too long
P143 - thread deadlock in rlm_close() with rlm_auto_hb()
P142 - path with trailing backslash in rlm_init() fails
P140 - ISV server crashes if New Reportlog is requested...
P139 - rlm gives confusing error message with bad ISV line
P138 - rlc crashes when showing activations
P137 - If a linux system has an eth7 device, RLM hangs
P136 - ISV servers fail if no SERVER line in license file
P135 - rlm_act_request() uses less than optimal hostid
P134 - RLM server listens on port 28000 on Windows
P133 - Roaming named-user license re-installation issues
P132 - rlm client fails when license file has 8-bit chars
P130 - rlc license generation fails for token= or disable=
P129 - ISV servers can create report logs with bad version #
P128 - ISV servers fail on reread with "cannot open ..."
P127 - Getting list of ethernet addresses can cause crash
P126 - licenses expiring before 31-dec-1999 are valid
P125 - RLM web interface displays bad characters in options
P124 - ISV server reports an incorrect requested product
P116 - (Windows) rlmhostid infinite loops
P123 - Activation server loses track of fulfillments
P122 - rlc will sometimes fail during license generation.
P121 ISV servers crash with a long ISV-defined hostid
P119 (Windows) Long command line causes rlm to fail
P118 - rlm on windows does not recognize *.LIC or *.DAT
P117 - rlm_product_options() returns no options
P115 - FLEXlm compatible lockfile issues on Windows
P114 - rlm_act_admin fails on x86_w2 with no db fulfillments
P111 - ISV servers do not detect removal of portable hostids
P108 - Users are added to named user list incorrectly
P107 - rlm_products() returns expired roamed licenses
P104 - rlm_get_attr_health() failure on partitioned network
P102 - rlm_act_admin generates an access violation on x86_w2
P99 - rlmstat -avail segment faults under certain conditions
P98 - Once a roamed license expires, it can't be checked out
P97 - ISV server doesn't return roaming licenses
P96 - roamed license does not get invalidated properly
P86 - activation license generator can fail...
P85 - license server can "forget" roamed licenses
P84 - rlmstat can hang if the server goes down
P81 - core dump if serverhostname is not in network DB
P80 - rlm_act_request() fails on Windows Vista ...
P75 - Missing ethernet devices on Linux return all 0's
P74 - licenses locked to wildcard IP address are unusable
P68 - rlm_products() causes application fault.
P67 - Windows RLM servers do not find license files
P65 - ISV server does not start on Windows
P59 - License requests for valid versions sometimes fail
P58 - no port in LF - client connection problems
P57 - rlm_products() did not report on local roam
P42 - rlm will not start if hostnames don't match
P30 - rlm_products() causes a segment fault
P29 - roamed licenses on a failover server
P26 - starting rlm from a dos window

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