License Management Software for Software Publishers: Reprise Software

Cloud Software Licensing

With RLM, it's easy to ship cloud-enabled licenses for your product. Integrate the RLM API into your application, configure the license server to run on your website, and provision licenses for your customers on the license server.

RLM allows you to deploy on-premises or "in the cloud" licenses without any code modifications to your product. Since the policy is in the license, and the license server operates independent of your product, cloud licenses are not a special case.

You can configure your license servers on your site to minimize deployment obstacles for your customers and make delivery of your product in the cloud "license installation free".

Benefits for You and your Customers

If your customer has a persistent internet connection, they do not have to configure or install the license server.

You provision your customer's licenses on your site, rather than shipping a license and requiring your customer to install it.

You can revoke any customer's license at any time.

No need to configure and maintain a Software Activation server - activation is not required when you host the license servers.

Pay-per-use license models are easier to administer and control.

If your customer doesn't have persistent internet access, no problem. You can deploy a license server for their network, inside their firewall. No code changes required.

Cloud Licensing

How it Works

  1. Your application requests a license via the rlm_checkout() call.
  2. The application contacts the license server running at your site.
  3. When your customer purchases from you, you provision the licenses and install on your license server.
  4. RLM does the hard stuff. It connects to the license server on your website, verifies that application usage is allowed, (optionally) records the transaction in the license server report log, and returns a status code to your application.
  5. You check the return code from the API and decide to run or not.


For Software Publishers

For License Admins