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Software Activation over the Internet

For Software Publishers Who Welcome Automation

Software Activation is a method of converting purchased software into licensed software. The activation keys you often see on product boxes or sent via email after purchase are commonly associated with the process. Each activation key is copied into a licensing dialog, verified for authenticity, then decoded for runtime options. The output of the decoding is an actual license - written to a local file. The activation key is saved only to reproduce the license.

All of the functionality required for software activation is available in an optional module to RLM. If you don't use software activation, you need to select from a variety of other ways to create the actual licenses for your end users. You send those licenses as attachments to email or install them with a custom installation tool.

Benefits of Software Activation for You and your Customers

Bring the ultimate in efficiency to high-volume delivery of packaged or downloaded products. Customers serve themselves throughout the entire licensing process.

Allow purchase-from-the-product -- the software activation and licensing are completely automated. Your end users never see the activation keys.

Let your customers begin using your products at any hour of the day, from anywhere on the globe. You start each morning by measuring progress during the night.

Let customers download fully-functional products, activate the software over the Internet, and run for 30 days. Your call. Eliminate special builds that expire on fixed dates.

Hasten the sales cycle by allowing one individual to purchase and another to license. Buyers purchase one or more copies, then end users perform the software activation at their convenience.

Simplify multi-copy purchases by issuing one activation key that's valid for many users. Super easy to distribute.

Permit bulk sales of activation codes, recognize the revenues, and watch software sold via distributors and resellers acquire licenses automatically.

Allow customers to move licenses to new computers, without contacting you, simply by deactivating and then reactivating licenses over the Internet.

Respond immediately to every request for a misplaced license. RLM's software activation product finds and returns the original licenses for you.

Tap into the database of licenses on your website and report on progress. Monitor trials, activations and licenses. Check progress and get back to product development.

Software Activation over the Internet

How Software Activation Works

  1. Define the types of licenses to be delivered with software activation, typically trial, permanent node-locked, and permanent floating.
  2. Create activation keys for distribution to your customers. One at a time, or in bulk.
  3. Build an Enter Key dialog in your product, prompt for the activation key, and pass the key to RLM via an API.
  4. RLM does the hard stuff. It connects to the software activation server on your website, authenticates the activation key, records the transaction in a database on your website, and returns a license or an error code.
  5. You check the return code from the API and decide to run or not.


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