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At Reprise, we make only software licensing products. Our flagship product, the Reprise License Manager (RLM) is used by hundreds of Software Publishers to deliver millions of licenses to their customers world-wide.

In addition to RLM, Reprise offers RLM Activation Pro , our license activation product. RLM Activation Pro allows a Software Publisher to automatically deliver licenses 24x7 to customers.

Reprise is the most respected name in the Software Licensing field. The Reprise team has designed and developed the commercial license managers used by over 90% of Software Publishers today. We use our experience to deliver easy-to-use solutions to both Publishers and their customers.

With RLM, you get the Flexibility and Power to deliver a comprehensive set of licensing models with the advanced set of features enterprise users expect. At the same time, RLM implementation is Simplicity itself, with most of the licensing decisions defered to license creation time, so that the API - and your code - remains uncluttered. Finally, RLM delivers solid Value with a pricing model that makes it affordable to Publishers of all sizes.

The Reprise License Manager (RLM) increases revenue for Software Publishers and Hardware Manufacturers by enabling flexible license delivery for your product. RLM is a flexible and simple license manager with the power to serve enterprise users, and it comes to you from the creators of FLEXlm. More about software license management »


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